Q. Where should I send my key?
A. Please visit our Contact Us page for shipping instructions

Q. How long does your service take?
A. It can take up to two weeks (depending on our workload), for more complex/bespoke designs this may take longer.

Q. I am not from the UK, can you still personalise my key?
A. We have customers Worldwide so we can personalise your key no matter where you are from.

Q. How can I pay for my bespoke key?
A. We accept bank transfer and PayPal, details are on our invoice.

Q. How do I know my key will be safely received and returned?
A. We recommend our customers send their keys via recorded post/courier and we always acknowledge receipt of your key. When we return your personalised key we use fully insured and tracked services through reputable couriers.

Q. How are you different from the aftermarket shells?
A. We do not simply supply or apply an aftermarket shell. We work on your key and within the relevant tolerances to ensure you can still properly use your key in its ignition slot, unlike with many ‘shell’ options, if relevant.

Q. I would like a bespoke design for my key, can you do this?
A. Yes, we can do anything. Designs we have done in the past include National Flags, Carbon Fibre Effects, and a special one-of ‘Bond’ Design.

Q. Are you just providing a shell?
A. No, every key we modify are our customers / genuine OEM keys. We do not simply supply a cheap shell.

Q. Do you provide a Warranty?
A. Yes. Our warranty covers anything we supply to you and is for 12 months. This covers any work we undertake on your key including painting and modifications. As we do not interfere with the electronics of your key (other than a battery change on request) we do not cover your electronics.

If you have any other questions, please go to our contact us page or make an enquiry below.

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