Damaged Next Gen Aston Martin Key

When you own a stunning car and should the worst happen it gets damaged, you get it repaired, looking as good as new. Why not do the same with your keys and fobs?

It is all too common we see owners with beautiful cars but their keys are damaged but just have to put up with it, especially for owners of the Aston Martin glass ECU key. Here at Phoenix we don’t think that is good enough! No matter what marque, and whether the damage is cosmetic or internal, we will do all we can to getting your key looking as good as new (or better).

Broken Aston Martin Glass ECU Key

Unfortunately we cannot reprogram keys remotely, however we can repair damaged circuitboards, faulty buttons and replace broken key shells or just certain components.

For Maserati owners we also offer a repair upgrade service for the ‘blue cheese’ fobs which disintegrate internally to an alternative (more hard wearing) and contemporary style.

If you have a damaged or faulty key/fob that you would like Phoenix Bespoke Keys to repair, refurbish and/or upgrade, please select your marque, or get in touch with us, using the links below.