The asymmetrical Land Rover / Range Rover smart key with corresponding script down the metal side blade is one of the better looking keys on the market for this era. Sharing the same design as the Jaguar fob of the same era, it also shares the same vulnerability of the silicone outer cover deteriorating or even becoming detached.

Here at Phoenix Bespoke Keys, we offer Land Rover & Range Rover owners the opportunity to make their key just that bit more special by either colour coding the main silicone element and/or the metal side blade, or with one of our other bespoke finishes such as Carbon Fibre Effect or a full bespoke air brushed design.

Range Rober Key OEM

In addition to our personalisation service, we also offer an upgrade path for Land Rover & Range Rover owners to the later 2nd generation smart fobs.

We are now also pleased to offer Land Rover & Range Rover owners a range of bespoke fob pouches. Handmade in real leather with a broad choice of colours, threads, embossing and personalisation this new addition to our range gives even more choice to our customers.

If you would like to to commission Phoenix Bespoke Keys to upgrade or personalise your Land Rover or Range Rover fob and/or handmade leather pouch, please get in touch using the links below.