Aston Martin Volvo Era Fob

The early ‘Volvo’ era remote fob was always seen as somewhat of an embarrassment for Aston Martin, especially when it was revealed that peeling back the leatherette back revealed a Volvo badge.

For customers who want a more modern fob, and one far more in keeping with their Aston Martin, Phoenix Bespoke Keys can upgrade your Volvo era fob to the Glass ECU Fob.

Whilst this is a popular upgrade option, as the earlier Aston Martins will still require the physical key to start, it was necessary to come up with a suitable way of owners carrying their newly upgraded key.

Phoenix Bespoke Keys have resolved this issue with our bespoke key ring attachment which enables owners to put their Glass ECU Fob onto their keyring along with their key(s).

Obviously our bespoke keyring upgrade is not suitable for the Glass ECU Era Aston Martins as the key will not fit into the dash slot, as earlier cars still require an ignition key, this is not an issue.

Of course, Phoenix Bespoke Keys also offer a broad range of further personalisation options. Configure your upgraded key here.

Volvo to Glass Key Upgrade With Key

Below you can see more examples of the Volvo Fob Upgrades we have undertaken

Carbon Fibre Effect Aston Martin Glass ECU Key
Volvo to Glass ECU Key with Carbon Fibre Effect


Standard Volvo to Glass ECU Key Upgrade


If you would like Phoenix Bespoke Keys to upgrade your Early Volvo Era Fob to the Aston Martin Glass ECU Fob, please visit our shop.