The latest generation McLaren Key used for the Artura actually isn’t too bad, it has a nice weight to it due to the metal end cap (which holds the emergency key) and ‘U’ shaped trim around the buttons.

That being said, the rest of the key is the all too common boring abs plastic found on just about every key on the market.

Our customer in the UK, a proud owner of a stunning Ember Orange McLaren Artura, but rather less impressive key, and having already commissioned us to do a key for his rather special Sabiro Blue Aston Martin Vantage, asked us to come up with something special for his Artura as well.

After discussing options and providing some renders it was settled to finish the key in Ember Orange with Black Accents and Black Leather Strap with silver colour findings to match the McLaren swoosh, resulting in a key as stunning as the car it starts.

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