Should you have damaged or lost your Jaguar Key and/or Fob, Phoenix Bespoke Keys can (in most circumstances) repair or replace your Jaguar key/fob.

In addition to repair or replacement, Phoenix also offers a personalisation and upgrade service so you can make your Jaguar key as special as the car is starts.

Whether your button pad has simply worn or your fob has been severely damaged, Phoenix Bespoke Keys can normally bring your fob back to looking as good as new.

Should your fob have suffered any internal damage we can perform some circuit board repairs to replace damaged microswitches etc. however should you require new internals and/or a complete new key, please note these will need to be programmed by your local automotive locksmith or (especially on later vehicles) your local Jaguar dealer.

Select your Jaguar key / fob type below

If you have a different type of Jaguar key from those above, please still get in touch as we will most likely be able to be of assistance.