Whether you require a replacement Maserati key or need your Maserati key repaired, Phoenix Bespoke Keys can meet your needs.

For owners of earlier Maseratis with the Blue Flip Keys, which are well renowned to crumble internally and thus render the flip element inoperable, not only can Phoenix replace your Maserati Fob with the same, but we also offer a more reliable upgrade service to give you a more hard wearing fob which will not degrade internally again.

Our bespoke fob is made from more hard wearing ABS plastic and is customised to be compatible with your Maserati Blue Key internals.

We can then refinish the fob in Gloss Black, colour match it to your car, or come up with a completely unique design, with or without the iconic Maserati Trident logo.

Click on the key to the right to find out more about this upgrade, or visit our online shop to order your upgraded Maserati Fob.

Maserati Key repair

If you have the later Smart Key, again Phoenix Bespoke Keys can repair or replace your Maserati Key.

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