Aston Martin Next Gen Valet Key Upgrade


Clear Selection

Paint Finish

Primary Accent

Secondary Accent

Side Blades

Contrast Logo on Rear of Fob

Logo Details

Ceramic Coating

9H Ceramic Coating to further protect your keys finish (not suitable for matt or satin finishes)


Add-ons total:


Whilst the new fob for the latest generation Aston Martins is smart, the standard Valet Fob is still somewhat bland. Phoenix Aston Martin Key Repair can turn in into something special for you.

Main Body Upgrade

Standard OEM, Gloss Black (£180), AM Standard Colour (£200), AM Special \ 3rd Party Colour (£230), Carbon Fibre Effect (£225), 'Halo' Colour Scheme (£300), Bespoke Design (From £380)

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