Aston Martin Valet ECU Key Upgrades


Here you can personalise your Valet ECU Key to exactly how you would like it.

Upgrades include colour matching to your vehicles paintwork, Glass Key Button Upgrade, Glass End Piece Upgrade, Chrome Finishing, or a completely bespoke design.

For Special Edition Keys with more just than the edition logo, please visit our Special Editions section.

Clear Selection

End Cap

Paint Colour/Code/VIN

Please specify your Paint Colour, Code or if unknown your VIN )so we can determine the colour for you)

Paint Finish

Primary Accent

Secondary Accent

Key Button Upgrade

We modify the Valet ECU Key with either our own Phoenix Valet ECU Key Buttons or the same buttons used with the Glass ECU Key

Contrast Logo/Monogram on Rear of Fob

Contrast Logo/Monogram on Front of Fob

Logo/Monogram Details

Side Blades

Ceramic Coating

9H Ceramic Coating to further protect your keys finish (not suitable for matt or satin finishes)


Add-ons total:


The Aston Martin Valet Key, whilst functional, is certainly not befitting of the stunning car that it starts.

Here at Phoenix Aston Martin Key Repair, we can turn it into something special and impressive with a wide range of customisation options

Main Body Colour

Standard OEM, Gloss Black, Manufacturer Colour, 3rd Party Colour, Carbon Fibre Effect, Chrome, Bespoke Design, Special Edition

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