Aston Martin Valet ECU Key Button Upgrades


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If your rubber buttons have collapsed Phoenix Bespoke Keys now offers a DIY solution with our new Valet ECU Key Button Upgrade as well as our Glass ECU Key Button Upgrade (you will need to send your key to us for this).

For our DIY Button Upgrade it is designed as a DIY direct replacement for your rubber buttons this upgrade will not only permanently resolve the issue of the collapsed buttons (as the rubber buttons on a new shell will collapse again) but also improve the aesthetics of your Valet ECU Key.

More information can be found, including the instructional video here:

For our Glass ECU Key Button Upgrade we will require your key to adapt it to accept the Glass ECU Key Buttons. This is as hard wearing as our DIY Upgrade, but is arguably more aesthetically pleasing with the Glass ECU Key buttons

Valet ECU Key Button Upgrade

Phoenix DIY Button Upgrade, Glass ECU Key Button Upgrade

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