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Bespoke / Custom & Replacement Aston Martin Keys & Repairs

“Their work is immaculate. Even higher, the personality shines through with their dedication. It was a pleasure speaking with Chris. Car is a childhood dream, it’s keys mirror that. Just excellent. They honour Aston Martin and the image it portrays.”
Mark P, UK

Phoenix Bespoke Keys started out as Aston Martin Key Repair and with the growing success of Phoenix Bespoke Keys we have consolidated Aston Martin Key Repair into Phoenix Bespoke Keys. We are the worlds only full service specialists in Aston Martin key repair, replacement, & customisation, able to repair damaged Glass ECU & Designer Keys.

Here at Phoenix Bespoke Keys, as specialists in the Repair and Personalisation of Aston Martin Keys, we can both repair, replace, and customise your Aston Martin keys starting from a simple colour match right up to a bespoke special edition key.

We are also proud to announce the launch in 2022 of two new products for Aston Martin Owners.

Firstly, the Phoenix DIY Valet ECU Key Button Upgrade. Not only does this permenantly cure the issue of the collapsed rubber buttons on your Valet ECU Key but it is also a significant aesthetic upgrade.

You can find out more here.

ECU Key Retainer Gloss Black with Bright Silver & Black Leather

Secondly, our new Phoenix ECU Key Retainer. This allows owners of both the Glass and Valet ECU Keys to securely connect their keys to their keyring.

You can find out more here.

Please select your key type below to find out more about the repair, replacement, personalisation & upgrade options available:

Phoenix Bespoke Keys don’t just stop with your key, we also offer a range of key genuine Aston Martin and our own bespoke hand made pouches to protect your Aston Martin keys as well as replacement and bespoke slam panel badges and sill badges/plaques.

Here at Phoenix Bespoke Keys we supply New Replacements, Repair, and offer a full range of personalisation options for all the below keys:
– DB7 & Vanquish Era Ignition Keys & Remote Fobs
– Volvo Era (DB9 / Vantage / Vanquish) Aston Martin Ignition Keys & Remote Fobs 
– Aston Martin (DB9 / Vantage / Rapide / Vanquish / Virage / One-77 / Zagato) & Lagonda Taraf Glass ECU Key & Plastic Valet ECU Key Fobs
– Aston Martin Cygnet Remote Fobs
– Next Gen Aston Martin (DB11 / Vantage) Plastic Valet Key & Jewellery Key Fobs
– Latest (DBX) Designer Glass & Plastic Valet Key Fobs

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