Already world renowned for our Glass ECU Key Button Upgrade For Aston Martins Valet ECU Keys, Phoenix Bespoke Keys is proud to announce the launch of our new DIY Valet ECU Key Button Upgrade.

This permanent repair to the all too common collapsed Valet ECU Key Buttons (which will collapse again in time if just a new shell is purchased) is the only DIY solution available and costs around the same price as a new Valet Key Shell making it a more cost effective alternative to our Glass ECU Key Button Upgrade.

Available as a mail-order DIY upgrade (or you can send your key in for us to perform the upgrade) these new buttons will not only last the life of the key but also provide vastly improved aesthetics with a more positive feel and the button logos are clearly identifiable.

The process of the upgrade takes less than 5 minutes to perform and we have made a how-to video to make things as simple as possible.

Just fitted my new buttons today – huge improvement.

Jon R, USA

Your service and comms have been first class with the results top-notch

Mike D, UK

If you would like to repair/upgrade the buttons to your Aston Martin Valet ECU Key, please get in touch, or visit our online shop.