There is something special about the little Abarth 595. It’s almost a micro supercar. Its small size and big heart has a certain appeal not only those who aspire to its distant Ferrari cousin, but those who already have the car of their dreams but still need a city runabout that is a little bit special.

So if your car is special, why put up with your key being the same as any other FIAT car or van key.

Our customer felt exactly the same way and commissioned us to personalise their fob to reflect the car it starts.

Finished in Campovolo Grey with the Abarth logo down the side to mirror the side graphic to their car, this key now looks like it belongs to the car it starts, and not to the delivery van that our courier used.

As always with Phoenix, we let the results do the talking. The key looks stunning.

If you would like your own bespoke Abarth Key, please get in touch or visit our online shop