The standard Aston Martin Valet ECU Key is universally acknowledged among owners to be somewhat of a disappointment. It’s scratchy black ABS plastic is only made worse by the rubber buttons which rapidly wear out and collapse, leaving owners with a key that looks tatty and embarrassing and certainly not worthy of the stunning car it starts.

Our customer from Asia found themselves with this very same problem, and having seen examples of our work, got in touch with Phoenix to see what magic we could work on their key.

Having discussed the options and produced some renders it was settled we would refinish their key in Satin Carbon Fibre Effect with a Lightening Silver AMR Stripe to complement their stunning Aston Martin. We also performed our Glass Key Button Upgrade and Glass End Piece Upgrade, which has resulted in a truly stunning Valet ECU Key most certainly worthy of the car it starts.

If you would like Phoenix Bespoke Keys to repair and / or personalise your Aston Martin Key, please get in touch to discuss your requirements, or visit our online shop.