One of the most striking monochromatic colours, you will find an Aston Martin in, is Ceramic Grey. Its depth of colour and reflective properties make it stunning to look at no matter what light the car is in.

Our customer came to us with a damaged key and asked us to replace the glass element with the Aston Martin Logo behind and refinish it in Ceramic Grey to match his vehicle.

What our customer ended up with was, not only a repaired Glass ECU Key for a fraction of its replacement cost, but a stunning bespoke key he could once again be proud of.

Here is the stunning finished product

“AMKR recently colour coded and repaired my glass key. The colour (ceramic grey) looks fantastic and the glass repair was indistinguishable from a brand new key. The company went to great lengths to ensure that I received the perfect finished product.”
Rob R – UK

If you would like Phoenix AMKR to repair and/or personalise your Aston Martin Key, please get in touch.