The new Designer Key from Aston Martin, which debuted along side their new DBX is a fitting fusion of the earlier Glass ECU Key and their later DB11 Era design. This thinner profile, less cumbersome key, is a good looking successor and even in its Valet form, it looks good.

When our customer in the UK came to us with their damaged Designer Key for their new DBX 1913 Edition, we of course were able to help them out and restore their key to its former glory.

As this was the first of the designer keys we have had to repair we were of course keen to get one under our belt and turned it around quickly for our customer who was under some time constraints too.

The results, well as always, speak for themselves. Our customer now has their designer key looking as good as new.

If you have the new Designer Key and have dropped it and / or would like it personalised, 
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