Damaged Valet ECU Key

The standard Valet Key does not exactly do Aston Martin any favours. Especially due to its propensity to prematurely show its age with the rapid collapse of the integrated rubber buttons.

Our customer in the UK, displeased with their tired looking Valet Key engaged Phoenix Bespoke Keys not only to refurbish their Valet Key, but turn it into something rather more special and worthy of the stunning Aston Martin it starts.

After consulting with our customer it was decided that not only would we perform our unique Glass Key Button Upgrade but also refinish the fob with a special Monochrome Union Flag design taking our customers vehicles colours of Onyx Black and Graphite accents.

The result is a truly stunning key which will also last as long as the car it starts.

Check out the images and video below

After seeing  an advert in a recent edition of Vantage Magazine and checking out some reviews I decided to get Phoenix Bespoke Keys to upgrade the valet key for my 2008 Vantage.  Got it back today and am delighted. Not cheap but I regard it as money well spent.

Graeme G, UK

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