The new Aston Martin DBX Key is a vast improvement on the fob used for the DB11/New Vantage Era cars. It has taken the more modern look from this era, whilst retaining the luxury and exclusive feel of the earlier Glass ECU Fob. The result is quite possibly a perfect key.

As with all beautiful things, they can get damaged. Fortunately Phoenix Bespoke Keys can not only repair your DBX Key but also replace it should it be, lost or, damaged beyond repair.

Damaged Aston Martin DBX Designer Key Repair
Designer Fob Glass Replacement



As the new Fob has only just been released with the launch of the DBX, there are no spare components officially available through Aston Martin, however with Phoenix Bespoke Keys, should you need any spare components for your DBX Key, we can supply them. Simply get in touch through our Contact Form with your enquiry.