Porsche Key Repairs

The standard Porsche key is one of the better on the market. With its signature car like look it certainly stands above many of its contemporaries, however as ever, there is always room for improvement!

It is well established that Porsche supply clip on coloured sides for their car shaped key, however they neglect the underbelly of the key which then ruins the overall effect.

Following our mantra of #howitshouldbe, Phoenix Bespoke Keys does the job properly by not only colour matching the clip on sides exactly to our customers Macan, but also smoothing off the battery cover and colour matching the whole underbelly of the key. This makes a huge difference in the overall aesthetics of the key making it look as good as the Macan it starts.

We have left the battery cover without clear coat whilst the customer decides what logo they would like on there.

If you would like Phoenix Bespoke Keys to upgrade and / or personalise your Porsche Key, 
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