As is universally acknowledged, the standard Mercedes-Benz key is somewhat dull, especially as the same looking key will start a van.

Recognising that our customers want something a little more special than a van key, after conducting meticulous R&D, Phoenix Bespoke Keys now offers our customers the option to not only colour match their key to their vehicle, but a complete upgrade, transforming it from something rather more special.

From May 2020, Phoenix Bespoke Keys can now offer our customers our bespoke Mercedes Key upgrade.

Below you will find the first images finished in Hell Mango of this stunning conversion.

Hell Green Mango MB to Aston Upgrade

Not only has Phoenix completely upgraded the remote fob and colour matched it, in this example we have included the AMG Logo on the front and the iconic AppleTree AMG Badge on the Rear of the Key for that finishing touch.

We are developing more options including Carbon Fibre and we will keep our customers updated as developments continue.

If you would like to be one of the first in the World to have a bespoke custom Mercedes Key,
truly befitting of the car it starts, please get in touch using the link below.